Winter tips for Dogs

How to Protect Your Dog in Snow & Ice

Try to gradually acclimate your dog the elements:
Give your dog time to adjust to the cold weather.  Start out with frequent, short periods of outside times.

Make it fast and efficient to go potty:
Shovel out a path for your dog to go potty in...even a trail so that they can run within.  They'll appreciate this gesture from you!

Rock salt and antifreeze are dangerous!
Beware of rock salt that is spread out on walkways and driveways.  While the salt itself isn't toxic, it can get stuck in your pooches paws and cause irritation to their skin.  Antifreeze is highly toxic to dogs. Stay on the lookout for that blue-green liquid that may puddle in someone's driveway.  To dogs, it has a sweet taste, and they may try to lick it...but it is poisonous to our furry friends.