Garden of Reflection

What is the "Garden of Reflection"?

The Garden of Reflection is a brick paver path located in the lush and manicured gardens at our facility.  The path is a place where you can permanently place your business logo, celebratory date, your pet's name or a memorial of a loved one.  The gardens and gazebo surrounding the paver path are meticulously cared for by our dedicated Genesee County Master Gardeners, HSGC staff, and volunteers.  The Garden of Reflection is open to the public. The pavers are carved with your personal message and installed during the months of May through October.

How do I decide what size is best?

Select the most appropriate for the amount of characters needed.  The largest bricks are a great choice for company logos, while perhaps a simpler name may look best on a smaller size.  Which ever you choose, we'll make sure it is exactly what you want!  Contact Mari at 810.275.0433 for more design options.

These are the sizes and number of characters available for each: 

- 4" x 8" ($100) 25 letters and spaces

- 8" x 8" ($200) 40 letters and spaces

- 12" x 12" ($300) 60 letters and spaces

Shown is the gazebo that is a part of the "Garden of Reflection"

This is just a small section of the beautiful "Garden of Reflection"

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