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The Humane Society of Genesee County is managed by a Board of Directors that currently consists 19 Community Members and Business Professionals along with the organization’s Executive Director which is an Ex Officio position.


The 2023/2024 members of Board of Directors are:  

Jane Johnson, Board Chair
Debra Loader, Secretary
Norman Purdy, Treasurer
Dr. Cathy O. Blight, Director
Jonathan E. Burroughs, Director

Alena Clark, Director
Donna Dodds Hamm, Director
Jeffrey C. Feurt, Director
Lynne Hurand, Director
Carl G. Liepmann, Director
Mark L. Lippincott, Director
Dr. Mark G. Plucer, Director
Thomas P. Price, Director
R. Brace Reid, Director
David Roeser, Director
Lynne Taft-Draper, Director
Susan Tolbert, Director
Leslie Toldo, Director
Nicole Yambrick, Director

David Schmieder, Executive Director



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